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6 Tips for Identifying a Web Design and Development Company, Most Suitable for Your Web Development

With so many companies dedicatedly doing Web Designing and Development, it is tough to evaluate and identify the one that appears promising enough to meet your business-specific website development needs, while being non-ignorant of your existing business constraints.

Here are a few tips that would help identify the most suitable company that could create a winning website for you.

#1. Evaluate Company’s Portfolio

When going through a Web Development Company’s online profile (typically, on the website), do their portfolio evaluation, twice. Each time keeping in mind one of the two objectives, mentioned below.

Objective I: Portfolio Evaluation for Diversity

A Web Development Company’s capacity to produce robust designs is directly proportionate to its Portfolio Diversity. The more number of sectors a company’s portfolio is spread across, the greater experience it has in dealing with new Designing and Development challenges. Thus, if you require to get developed a website that, you think, would need great expertise and thorough understanding of Designing and Development, then you could consider ‘Portfolio Diversity’ as one of the key factors while evaluating Website Designing and Development Companies.

Objective II: Portfolio Evaluation for Design

For evaluating a company’s portfolio for design, one must have some criteria in mind that could form the basis of evaluation. You could evaluate any two or three websites from the company’s portfolio, for the following aspects.

  • Uniqueness in Design
  • Apparent scope of website alteration and/or expansion
  • Contemporariness
  • Content Placement and Readability
  • Ease in Navigation / User-friendliness
  • Overall Look & Feel

By going through just two or three websites (one of which could in-fact be the company’s itself!), you would be able to evaluate their standard/quality of work. You should also be able to decide whether, this company is fit to fulfill your Designing and Development requirements, or not.

#2. How Much Work Experience Matters? Well, Judge That For Yourself

It matters how old a company is and how experienced the Web Designers and Developers are. Based on your specific website development requirements (i.e. whether you want to have a simple & static website or a responsive website), it is for you to evaluate and decide how much experience (in terms of the number of clients served or/and age of the company) is significant for you to assign your website development work to a particular company.

#3. Read Client Testimonials

Although you would find clients’ testimonials on almost all service-delivering companies’ websites, a genuinely appreciated firm is the one that has got specific and sincere testimonials from the clients. If you pay even a little attention while reading quoted words, it is quite easy to judge whether, the appreciation written for work is substantial, or not. A genuine testimonial would actually be more specific than generic. More often than not, only a specific and well written client testimonial adds real (marketing) value and becomes a dependable piece of information for those who are looking for similar set of services.

Read two of the following hypothetical client testimonials to evaluate which one appears more heartfelt.

Testimonial I: “I really liked the work you have done for me. Thanks a lot!”

Testimonial II: “The website quality has surpassed my expectations! I especially liked the fact that it is intuitive and super-friendly. Thanks a lot. Your work is highly appreciable!”

Needless to mention, the second one is more credible, a testimonial than the first, since it is more specific.

Please note, Client Testimonials are just an indicative factor of evaluating a company’s working capability and may be treated just as one among many other factors of evaluation.

#4. Try To Have a Conversation

Discussing your website development needs with two or more shortlisted companies could significantly help you in deciding the firm you want to hand-over your website development task to. However, it is important that you have clear website-development-related goals and constraints (in mind or written somewhere, for your quick reference) otherwise you might just end up taking a wrong decision in assigning your website development task!

#5. Get Quotes from At Least Two Firms

Getting quotes from multiple firms would help you in doing a comparative analysis in terms of approximate figures. It would also assist you in anticipating approximate total cost that would incur during the Website Development Process.

#6. Do a Tabulated Comparative Analysis

Sometimes, your website needs are very specific & advanced and correspondingly, the budget allocated for Website Development (or up gradation) is also high. Therefore, before handing over your Web Development Project to a company, you’d want to make sure that it is well equipped to create your website.

So that your extensive research and evaluation for finding the right company, could materialize into indicative numbers, here’s an evaluation method that could help you pick out the most suitable Web Design and Development firm, based on your specific parameters / constraints.

Tabulated Comparative Analysis Method

Using this technique, you could tabulate and evaluate the shortlisted firms (listed row-wise) against each of your important parameters (like budget, time-constraint, portfolio-impressiveness etc., listed column-wise). Then, you could assign relative ‘weights’ (a number between 1 to 10, indicating the degree of importance) for each parameter and give an individual score as per your judgement (between 1 to 10), to all shortlisted firms for each of the listed parameter.

Each score could then be multiplied with its column weight, and be written in respective intersected cell. Row-wise summing up of the calculated figures (score * weight) would give you the total scores for each firm.

The firm with highest total score would be the obvious first choice.

Please note that this is just a suggestive technique for doing an evaluation in terms of numbers. You could develop, validate and use your own technique for doing such an evaluation.

Finalizing a Web Design and Development Firm for developing your business website would hopefully be an easier task to do now! Smartly analyze your choices and do a deal worth your budget and time!

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